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Enjoying a stunning location in western Los Angeles, Santa Monica is home to some of the most impressive commercial spaces that exude positive vibes. A further dash of positivity to these places is added through superb cleaning. The people here have an unmatched love for cleanliness that reflects in spotlessly clean offices. To keep these places clean and tidy, they rope in reputed janitorial services in Santa Monica. UMS Corporation is one such service that is proud of cleaning several such offices in Santa Monica. Here, we tell you what makes our cleaning service a preferred choice.

An Established Company

While looking for a commercial cleaning service in Santa Monica, people often look for a company that is well established. With three decades of existence and hundreds of satisfied clients, we could be proud to be an established company. A team of trained professionals, modern equipment and an ever increasing clients’ list show that you are here to stay. So if you are looking for an established cleaning service, you will find us a dependable option.

Commendable Services

There could be a diverse expectation from a janitorial service but being good with cleaning is top among them. At UMS Corporation, providing flawless cleaning is our core competency. We make sustained efforts to excel in this department. For this, we have a team of experienced professionals, state of the art equipment and thorough knowledge of best practices of the cleaning. In a few decades, we have become a dependable office cleaning service in Santa Monica.

Meeting Diverse Cleaning Needs

Janitorial cleaning is an umbrella term, so companies look for a service provider that can meet their varying cleaning needs. We are adept at various aspects of cleaning that includes general cleaning, floor cleaning, window cleaning, pressure washing, and carpet cleaning among others. In our several years of existence, we have got the opportunity of cleaning some of the big corporate houses in Santa Monica.

Efficient Workforce

A trained staff is the backbone of any cleaning services and we understand it since our inception. And it why our team consists of some of the most experienced professionals of cleaning service in California. After hiring them, we train them in technical as well as soft skills. From cleaning windows to washing walls and pressure washing surfaces to cleaning doors, our experts are able to perform every task with perfection.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Being a responsible commercial cleaning service in Santa Monica, our cleaning regimen is designed in a way that does no harm the environment. The disposal of chemicals is a significant environmental hazard as it pollutes air and water besides harming cleaning staff. It is not only we who are committed to the environment but clients too look for a service that does little or no harm to the environment.

Catering to Diverse Needs

Big business houses run a group of companies: some could be in the service sector, some in education and still some in health. They often look for a janitorial service that can look after these multiple facilities. Here UMS Corporation is a viable option for them. We have expertise in cleaning a wide range of facilities. Besides, we are also known for putting forward the best proposal for janitorial services in Santa Monica.

Not Cheap But Value for Money

There are times when businesses look for cheaper options. But in long run, these services performed by inexperienced hands prove costly. We never try to be cheaper. Instead, we are committed to offering the best value for money. With a good number of expert-led services available with us, the clients can rest assured that they are genuinely priced cleaning service.

Listening to Clients

Clients are at the core of any business and a good company can’t turn a deaf ear to them. Since our inception, we are giving the utmost respect to their concerns and suggestions. We have a well-equipped customer care team that takes note of the clients’ concerns and suggestion and also tries to resolve it in the shortest turnaround time. So if you have a concern about our service or you want to give a suggestion call your customer care to get a quick resolution.

Certification and Recognition

Awards and recognition keep pouring for a good janitorial company. In our three decades of existence, we have got several awards and recognition for our commendable services. Apart from the industry awards, several clients have spoken highly for us. It is only through excellent services that we have established ourselves as a prominent cleaning service in Santa Monica.
Our hard work, commitment to meet clients’ expectations and genuinely priced cleaning service have made us one of the most reputed janitorial services in California. If you are also looking for a cleaning service then relying on us could be a great idea.

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